Roasting Coffee in Bali

For the production of coffee, the raw fruit is taken off the coffee plant. The cherry has the fruit or pulp removed leaving the seed or bean which is then dried. Then the beans are sorted and roasted. After cooling down they are packaged. In larger roasting houses the beans might be grounded before packaging.

Here we are visiting a coffee plantation in Bali and watching the roasting process. Love seeing the process with my own eyes! Way better than going to Starbucks 😉

  • Abdullah

    Patty, I have often felt this is one of the ways we honor God. By simply taikng a moment and being thankful for all the beauty he puts into our world we truly honor him. How many people are unable to see the things around them to be thankful for is sad because there are a lot of them. Thank You for the reminder and I hope you have a blessed day.Heather

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