Recycled Rubber Tire Furniture

Recycled Rubber Tire Furniture SetOn one of his many journeys to Bali and its surrounding areas, David met a group of entrepreneurs who are employing local trade’s people to build chairs, tables, stools and stands from recycled car, scooter, and truck tires.

Every year millions of tires are discarded globally, because of a lack of infrastructure in some of the Far East countries, many of these tires end up in the street as garbage with no hope of even entering at least a landfill. By using recycled rubber tires for furniture, we are cutting back on our waste but also finding new ways to re-purpose a durable material.  The rubber tires we use for our recycled rubber tire furniture and other recycled rubber tire products come from tires that would have otherwise ended up left in the street or a landfill; hurting the environment. No new rubber is purchased or used for any of these products. This ensures that we are taking our materials from a sustainable source and reducing our impact on the Earth. Each piece of rubber is put through a process of shredding it down to a desirable and workable material that our skilled craftsmen then form into a variety of products; ranging from table sets to picture and mirror frames. We have also expanded our recycled rubber tire products to include bags made from recycled inner tubes!

Our little factory is in Java, Indonesia and is working hard to make a difference for the environment there. What is great, is that these chairs are 100% recycled, amazingly comfortable, can last for 20 years and works great as outdoor year-round furniture set for decks and patios.

In addition to being a sustainable source for our furniture, because these chairs are made in Indonesia by local people and with local facilities, every purchase goes back to helping the families and communities there.

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