Reclaimed Teak Boat Wood

Sustainable Reclaimed Teak Boat Wood

These chairs are made from pieces of old boat wood. Sanding them down reveals the many layers of paint making for a beautiful mosaic of colour.

Reclaimed Teak Boat-wood is traditionally known as any wood from boats that has been reused for a number of different manners. It may seem like a simple and half-minded process but the benefits that come from this reclaimed material provide positive influence for not only the environment but the local community as well. The boats used to be hauled up on shore when they were no longer of use to the fishermen, left to rot and fall apart.

Teak is one of the most sustainable types of wood. It is valued for its intense durability and water resistance, which is why it’s often used for boats, home exterior, furniture, and carvings. It contains natural oils and has very high rubber content, which help to make it resistant to rotting, rain, frost or snow, and to the effects of hot sun. It is one of the hardest, strongest and most durable of natural wood. Solid reclaimed Teak creates a unique, rustic accent to any space. It whispers countless untold stories of its long life in Indonesia with its weathered surface and rustic charm.

We go into the communities and pay them several months’ wages to take their old boats; often the price is more than the cost of a new boat. It is then deconstructed and all of the salvageable materials are pulled from it. With the skilled hands of local craftsmen each piece is cut and sanded down to its desirable length depending on what it’s used for; the products range from patio sets, barstools, bar tables, carved art and lounge chairs to indoor coffee tables, desks, dining room chairs and tables and so many more beautiful pieces of art. Wardrobes, console tables, table sets, teak-root furniture and unique stands are but a few of the pieces in the showroom. Often hand carved, the intricate designs complement the rustic appeal of this wood. Its secrets, spirit and character began in the forests of Indonesia and will continue on in its new life in your home, office or studio.

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    i like ur prodects but i am looking wich we can use for ground decoratin like (ciment briks.).etc…

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    Looking for patio set with 80cm square or round table. Please email or pm to me

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    Can you please call the store at (403) 244-7171 and ask for David. This will be much faster! 🙂

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