Meditation Stools

Meditation posture is very important for success in your stillness practice…

These meditation stools are designed for seated meditation in a near-kneeling position, with both knees & ankles resting flat on the floor & hips raised comfortably above the feet. The bench is handmade from reclaimed indonesian teak, specially made at an incline to provide proper spinal support. Placing a pillow under the stool can also add further comfort.

A meditation stool will help you in the following ways:
– you will be able to sit upright for as long as you desire without discomfort or restriction to your joints or bones.
– with optimum posture, your breathing is improved. How you breathe is absolutely essential to your practice.
– you will be able to maintain mental & physical alertness (not fall asleep during meditation)
– without physical discomfort or distraction, you will maintain focus & concentrate for longer periods of time.



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    Interested to buy one set of this stool.
    How to order?

    Thank you.

  • David

    Working on this, we don’t have any in stock at this time.

  • deb

    interested in purchasing one of these meditation stools

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