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Suar Wood Tree

The Suar or Monkey Pod tree (Saman Samanea) is best known for being a non-endangered, fast-growing hardwood that is perfect for furniture.

Our great selection of rustic natural tables has helped Bali & Beyond get to where we are today. All of our live edge tables are hand-crafted by the skilled trades-masters of Bali and are purchased through what we call Direct Trade. Each table that we bring back is entirely unique; it has it’s own story, quirks, and personality! Many of our tables are made from Suar Wood; this type of wood compares favorably to other woods because of its interlocking grain. This is because it has a reduced possibility to crack from climatic changes. These non-endangered and fast-growing tropical hardwood trees are easily recognizable from their umbrella shaped canopy.


We sometimes also use Teak wood for our live edge tables; however, the best Teak comes from very mature trees and can sometimes take 80 years to get to that point. Bali & Beyond loves natural beauty, it’s something we respect, so instead of cutting down new trees we do everything that we can to find sustainable sources. This means that we use reclaimed Teak wood, taken from old fishing boats, old trucks and houses that are no longer in use. If you have ever been in the store, you may have seen the Boatwood table and chairs. Our reclaimed teak furniture pieces come from the same process.


How They’re Made!

To show you how they’re made, we would like to share one of our favorite stories with you. The line of tables that we have from this journey are called “Spirit Edge Tables”. When we are looking for tree’s for our live edge tables we do our best to find sustainable or windfall trees and always plant 10 trees for every one we cut down.

On one of David’s many trips, the opportunity arose to go look at a couple of trees  in a local graveyard. There were a couple trees which were so big that the locals couldn’t expand upon the graveyard until they were removed. The locals also were going to put the money made off the tree sale towards repairing the road to get to the graveyard. In places like Bali, it is uncommon for the government to pay for roads and their repairs; because of this they rely on the local people to pay for and manage the roads.

This was a win-win situation for everyone, and so David left to go see the trees!

This is a picture of the road that the money was going towards. As you can see it needed a lot of work!

When David arrived at the grave yard he saw the size and magnitude of these trees but he also saw the potential of beautiful, unique, individual live edge tables.


In the video below you can see Davids reaction to the tree and hear a bit of the story from his perspective.

After the deal was done and the trees were purchased, the team came in to bring them down, it was a great time to be had by all! Here’s a step by step of the process!

Step One: Cutting It Down

The tree has been initially sliced up!

The tree has been initially sliced up!


Step Two: Cuttin’ Tables!

Suar Live Edge Table

These are the beginnings of a table!

All this hard work tired everyone out! Break time!

All this hard work tired everyone out! Break time!

The workers and the Spirit Tree.

The workers and the Spirit Tree.

These slabs have the look of some BEAUTIFUL live edge tables.

These slabs have the look of some BEAUTIFUL live edge tables.


Step Three: Cleaning it up – Bow-ties and a finishing coat!

Live Edge Table

With the right coat (of beeswax) and some nice bow ties, this table is ready for a night on the town.


Step Four: Look Beautiful

Live Edge Table

The way the beeswax works on our live edge tables is amazing. Not only does it deepen its colours and bring out the grain, but it’s a great way to naturally protect the wood and keep it healthy!


Step Five: Be Sustainable

Suar Wood Tree

As we have said, Bali & Beyond loves being sustainable and green. For every one tree we cut down, another 10 are planted.


  • Lori

    I enjoyed the video and information regarding the suar tree cutting and wood preparation. I am looking for a 84 inches long, live edge suar wood dining table and preferrably not too thick. I am wondering if you could give me a quick price quote?Also, if you could give me a price for the same dimensions but a tall, counter height dining table?
    Could you please include shipping price to California, area code 92663? Approximately, how long would this take to make?
    Thank you,

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