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Take a moment to have a look at some of the wonderful items we bring back with us from Bali.

Affirmation Banners & Cushions

Take conscious control of your daily thoughts through affirmations. These short but powerful statements can help your thoughts of success, happiness, perseverance or anything positive, become a reality. We have a variety of sizes and colors and feature affirmations like, Courage, Strength, Peace, Happiness, and the Serenity Prayer on them.Our cushions are made by a wonderful group of women from Bali; they work from their homes to help provide for their families. All of our cushions are hand stitched and stuffed and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and vibrant colours/patterns. We stuff all of our cushions with the Kapok fiber (Ceiba pentandra) which is also known as the “Cotton of Indonesia” for its softness. We use Kapok fibers because they are grown sustainably and without chemicals or pesticides, naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant, naturally repels water making it unsuitable for mold, bacteria and mildew, it’s eco-friendly, and it’s durable and washable!

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Affirmation Banner Gallery

Amazing Furniture

Handmade from materials like Suar and Teak wood, our tables and furniture are beautifully finished and are all unique in both shape and grain. Many of our pieces and extremely one of a kind given that they are carved and created from the existing patterns found in the natural roots of the trees. All of our materials for our furniture are sustainable. Each piece has its own story, starting from its growth in nature to its life in your home.

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We have a variety of different drums ranging from the classic djembe drums to our shaman drums and happy drums. Each are hand made and tuned by hand. They feature a ton of different colours and styles ranging from hand carved natural wood to painted patterns that are done in vibrant reds, yellows, oranges and greens.

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Eco-Focus: Recycled Rubber Furniture

In Java, a larger island just to the west of Bali, skilled craftsmen make these exquisite rubber tire furniture out of salvaged rubber tires. This process is called ‘up-cycling’, which is defined as taking waste products or useless material and converting them into new products of environmental value. They are very comfortable and durable, and their eco-friendly nature makes these chairs a very sustainable addition to your home

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Home Decor: Vases and Fountains

We bring back a variety of different vases, ranging from teak/glass mosaic tiles on ceramic to woven and blown glass vases. Our carved teak root vases are all unique because each piece of wood used is unique and they come washed in different colours. Coming in different sizes and shapes our vases are perfect eye grabbers in the home.

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Original Art

All of our art is originally done by artists based in Bali, Java and Ubud. All are beautiful, vibrant, alive, and colourful.

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Boatwood is fantastic for creating furniture because it’s already extremely durable wood and treated for being outdoors. Because of all the layers of paint, when we sand them down to make furniture we unlock all the vibrant beautiful colours from times past. We then turn them into all sorts of furniture like end tables, coffee tables, patio chairs, etc.

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