StatueBali is a place known to many as The Island of the Gods. 

With its many beautiful beaches, landscapes that range from hills and mountains with its dense forests full of life to its barren volcanic hillsides, Bali truly is picture perfect. It is known for its world-class surfing and diving, vibrant culture, and its many exciting festivals. Bali has become one of the most popular island destinations and has something for everyone, ranging from back-packers to extravagant get-away.


Bali, the smallest province of Indonesia includes few nearby islands. It is well known for its many art forms – performing arts, handcrafts, sculpting, painting and woodcarving. Tourism is Bali’s primary industry which complements their rich and diverse art forms. Attracting thousands with their parades and festivals, they delve into the very heart of what it means to be Balinese.

Bali Arjuna Statue

Third of the Pandavas, the sons and princes of Panu, who with Krishna, is considered to be the hero of the Hindu epic cycle Mahabharata

The culture of Bali is a unique one for sure and many tourists and visitors have said that the people of Bali have reached self-content. When a Balinese native is asked what heaven is like, it is not uncommon to hear them say Bali. What makes their cultural practices so unique is that even though it is it is highly versed in Hinduism, it is its own brand of Hinduism, separate of what is traditionally practiced. This is because when Hinduism first arrived on the island, it didn’t come down to one practice or the other; the practices of Hinduism were adapted into the ones they already practiced. They adjusted their life based on the challenges, or in this case influences, that they had to deal with. This way of life speaks mounds to the themes of peace and acceptance and it is a culture that everyone can learn from.


Find some photographs of our travels around the Island of Bali and some of the near-by areas below:

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