All of our music instruments are hand-crafted in Bali. We carry a wide variety of music instruments but we particularly love our drum and percussion collection! We have djembes, happy drums, stretched drums and hang drums! We also have a fantastic collection of shakers, singing bowls and so many other items to help you make beautiful music. Bali’s music culture is a vibrant and rich one. A gamelan is the traditional musical ensemble from Indonesia but is typically from the islands of Java or Bali. It is primarily composed of metallophones, xylophones, kendang (drums), gongs, bamboo flutes, and string instruments. We have many of these music instruments in-store and they all are hand-made authentically in Bali.


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Every home needs a drum and the djembe (pronounced “jem-bay”) is one of the easiest ones to play!

You simply set it between your legs while sitting down, angle it forward slightly to let the sound escape out the bottom and hit it with your hands.
Hit it in the centre with your palm to get a bassy tone or towards the edge with your fingers to get a sharper note (just be careful not to hit the edge with your knuckles!).
You’ll be surprised how relaxing it is to release your inner drummer!


All the drums we sell are handmade in Bali by small family businesses: no factories, no mass production.


Carved from mahogany and covered with goat skin, you can feel the good vibes when you pick one up.

Each drum also comes with a bag so you can carry it to jam sessions, barbeques and Carnegie Hall.

The process of making these wonderful drums is simply amazing

Because we have so many different instruments, we are currently building and working on pages for each type of music instrument. The thought of this was really music to our ears. Take a look at the gallery below for images about our drums and other instruments. [flagallery gid=7 name=Gallery]

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  • Dallas

    Hi. I’m curious if you sell Hang Drums? I’m also located here in Calgary, and would love to pick one up for my musical family. Please let me know.


  • Renny tasker

    Do you sell hapi drums
    I live in Ubud Bali
    Love to hear one and buy too

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