Bali & Beyond at the Calgary Folk Festival 2013

We hope you all have your 2013 Calgary Folk Music Festival tickets ready for next weekend. Bali & Beyond was involved in the 2012 Calgary Folk Music Festival and we know from experience that this not an event you would want to miss. The Calgary Folk Music Festival creates the amazing opportunity for artists to meet and work together to create a unique experience for everyone. Bali & Beyond is proud to announce we will be contributing to the design of the media tent along with the artist lounge this year. We are excited to, once again, provide a comfortable space for artists to reflect, share ideas and inspire those around them.

The Calgary Folk Music Festival is notorious for their green environmental efforts, from providing composting across the festival to disallowing the sale of bottled water they set a true example of sustainable living. Bali & Beyond took this into account when deciding which furniture would encompass the festivals eco-policies.

This year we have decided to bring back the recycled tire patio collection. These chairs and tables are made in Java, Indonesia and are constructed of only recycled tires and sustainable materials. Every year millions of tires are discarded globally, because of a lack of infrastructure in some of the Far East countries, many of these tires end up in the street as garbage with no hope of even entering a land fill or being recycled. The workshop producing the recycled rubber tire collection is working hard to make a difference in the environment there.

Bali & Beyond has paid a fair-trade wage for these recycled chairs and tables to help support a community half a world away and to promote others to reduce, reuse and recycle with a creative and “out-of-the-box” perspective. These chairs and tables are 100% recycled, amazingly comfortable, may last for up to 20 years. They work great outdoors year-round on decks, patios and garages.

The creativity that has gone into producing this original furniture is incredible. The hours of efforts and resources that have gone into creating this recycled rubber tire furniture is well recognized by Calgary Folk Music Festival.

Bali & Beyond’s participation with the 2013 Calgary Folk Music Festival reflects the common principals of sustainable practices, community-enhancing solutions and the ability to celebrate artistry, music, soulful connections and love of the planet.

Join us on the journey as we reveal exciting and unique treasures and share our experiences of Bali.
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