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These original, unique, amazing paintings that bring Bali love and zen to your home are available at 720 17th Ave SW, right above Bali and Beyond.
The story of getting so much paintings and opening a gallery is truly amazing to tell. One of David’s oldest friends from Bali had a gallery in outside of small village of Ubud.
After a heavy rainy season and leaking roof which ruined a lot of her paintings, a passing of a family member resulted in her not being able to keep on doing the business.
She asked David to help, and basically bail her out.

We are now helping her and selling her artwork for amazing price!
What we usually had between $280-600 is now half price! Yes, you read correctly HALF PRICE!

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We are huge advocates for art and we love self-expression in all forms.
In addition to hosting local Calgarian and Canadian artists at Bali & Beyond’s Inner City Underground Market we bring back lots of artwork from Bali with David’s every trip.

Prior to the 1920’s Balinese artwork was restricted to the Kamasan and Wayang style; Kamasan hails from the Balinese village of Kamasan and the style of  Wayang is based off of Balinese traditional theatre.

Many of our paintings do not fall under a particular style carry abstract art, landscapes, nudes, still nature, spiritual and many more!
We love them because of they’re unique, original, vibrant and exciting!





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