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Bali and Beyond’s affirmation banners are all hand-made through direct and fair trade means. Affirmation banners are fantastic for a number of reasons; the first, they are a great way to remind yourself to enjoy the little things; the can act as a mantra when life can get a bit tough; that little boost of momentum to give you the push and motivation you need. These short but powerful statements can help your thoughts of success, happiness, perseverance or and positivity become a reality. We have a variety of sizes and colours that feature affirmations of courage, strength, peace, happiness, and the serenity prayer.

The serenity prayer flag is a special and important one to us. The traditional serenity prayer is a universal message of hope and is also used as a healing affirmation in many Twelve Step meetings. These affirmation banners are a lovely addition to your home, office, studio or sacred space. They also make a great sobriety/spiritual support gift.

In many cases, happiness, health, concentration and focus can all be affected by dis-ease of the mind, soul, spirit or subconscious. Affirmations give us the power to combat these effects by using positive thoughts to summon all your natural defenses to action and help protect the body and mind against sickness and keeping a positive attitude. The sample text below is from our Serenity Prayer Banner and the power, courage,and strength of this prayer can really be seen in its passages.

Serenity Prayer Banner Affirmation Banner

Serenity Prayer Banner text:

God grant me
The serenity
To accept the things
I cannot change
The courage to change
The things I can
And the wisdom
To know the difference.


Please look through the gallery bellow to see the other sorts of affirmation banners we have in-store.

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